Israel Torresis the oldest out of the three sibling who is in charge of successfully operating the banquet hall rental space.  He has over 25 years in the retail business and service business.  He currently runs and operates A. Torres Tuxedos, Torres Limousine and Torres Dry Cleaners in the city of Los Angeles.  Persistence, hard work and attention to detail are what makes him succeed daily as a businessman.  

​Our Mission 


about us 

Our mission is to provide the Los Angeles area with excellent services such as rental space, decorations, catering and more at affordable prices.  We're dedicated to producing, and presenting excellence in banquet hall rentals and event planning.   We strive to provide each client with the vision they have for their special and memorable event.  Lastly, we strive to make this process as easy and fun for you as possible, planning should be exciting and we all need a hand which is why we're here to serve you and your needs.  

Leonor Torres is the youngest out of the three sibling who operates the banquet hall rental space and oversees all operations. Leonor also has experience in the retail and service business for over 15 years.  In addition to overseeing the banquet hall, Leonor does a great job helping clients make their visions come to reality with high expectations and standards.  Leonor continues to be successful as she strives for perfection and never falls short in attention to details.  

Torres Banquet Hall has been established since 2010.  Before this present and gorgeous venue, this historical building was a labor union and labor organization that served the community. Many years of success serving the community with labor union organizations, it was relocated to another city.  Therefore, allowing new and better opportunity to serve the East Los Angeles Community and surrounding areas.  Now, after remodeling, we allow and help plan some of the best and beautiful events for the Community of East Los Angeles and surrounding areas.  If it's a wedding, 15era or corporate event, we make sure your vision is being full filled to be best of our ability.  

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Gladis Larraburru is the second oldest sibling.  She runs and operates clients agreements, decorations, catering and also oversees all event operations.  Gladis, like Israel and Leonor, has over 30 years of experience in the retail and manufacturing business.  She successfully operates two bridal store where she has been successful due to her customer focus and attention to detail. Here at Torres Banquet Hall, she makes sure your expectations are met to the highest standards.  

Johanna Torres is one of many nieces who works in the family business. Johanna coordinates appointments, scheduling, and logistics.  Johanna attended San Francisco State University where she got a Degree in International Business and Communication.  After college, Johanna decided to return to Los Angeles and get involved in the family business to be able to implement her skills and knowledge in the community that she loves, but, most importantly where she grew up.