Who doesn't love to see photos? With a selection of photos, you can see why our clients love coming back to us.  With attention to details, you will see why we're the best in Los Angeles.  

  • Plan with experience
  • For up to 300 guest
  • Parking available 
  • Security on site
  • clean restrooms
  • Serving kitchen on site
  • ​Decorations available
  • Stage for music on site

Our MIssion

Don't know how to get started?  Filling an empty space can be stressful at times; however, we offer a variety of banquet packets to best suit your needs in order to make planning as easy as possible. 



Torres Banquet Hall is devoted to providing the Los Angeles area with excellent services at affordable prices.  In addition, we strive to provide each client with the vision they have for their special and memorable event.   

“If there's a vision, there's a way!” - Torres

We love helping the Los Angeles Community plan their most special and unforgettable event.  With over experience and expert staff, you can guaranted to have the highest standards for making your dreams become into reality.  

Banquet Packages

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